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TENS is a safe non-invasive, drug-free method of pain management and is an effective way of managing acute and chronic pain.


The unique Miracle Plaque Plucker brush has specially textured bristles  that create a capillary action to draw plaque from teeth and gums


EMS is an advanced muscle exercising, building, and toning technique. EMS pulses are designed to make muscles contract similar to a sit-up.


A guide to TENS pads placement for ankle, knee, lower back, hips and sciatica positionings.

I was quite surprised with the results even after the first 15 minute free trial. I had resumed walking around the markets and my feet felt relaxed with a lot less pain. I was quite shocked at how quickly the pain resided. I decided to purchased a machine that day.Im feeling alot less pain in my feet thanks to this machine.


Configuration Support Officer, Contractor to Defence LHD Systems Program Office

I have owned my Tens for around six years now and could not live without it.
Apart from having a degree of deterioration in my spine, I also have Fybromyalgia which is a very complex condition that medical science actually hasn’t figured out a definite cause or treatment for. So because of these conditions I rely on my Tens to reduce pain, stiffness and discomfort.
On a bad day I’ll wear it in operation to the shops. I used to use it at work before I retired just to keep me pain free and mobile. I highly recommend it, I call it my companion.

Pam Powyer

Fybromyalgia sufferer

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